the real john smith stand up please

a few jokes on John Smith. But seriously, where did all of them come from?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

have you met John Smith?

Have you met John Smith lately?
Before I introduce you to the more serious international clan of the family John Smith, here is something you can try out.
An individual wagered that he would ask the same question of fifty persons and receive the same answer from each. He went to first one and then another, until he had reached the number of fifty. And this is how he won the bet.
He whispered, half audibly to each, "I say, have you heard that Smith has failed?"
"What Smith?"queried the whole fifty one after another, and it was decided that the bet had been fairly won.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

the real john smith stand up please

In times gone by a person had a first name followed by a description of anything that sets him apart, his home town, his red hair, his job..... The one profession that was needed everywhere was a smith. This made a smith a well off and respected person, so much so that a blacksmith was proud to be called "smith" and he would insist on being referred to as smith.

The situation is somewhat similar for the name John. John the Baptist is an outstanding character and the name is popular in most Christian countries. Join the popular John with the plentiful Smith and you end up with a whole lot of them.

Some might seem a little different. Thus:- In Latin it is Johannes Smithus; At Canton it is Jahon Smith; To the Dutchman it is Jan Smid; The English flattened it to John Smith; The French smoothed it off to Jean Schmeets; The Greece render it 'Ion Sinikton; The Germans turned it into Hans Schmidt; Icelanders adopted it as Jahne Smithson; Italians say he is Giovanni Smithi; In Poland he becomes Ivan Schmittiweiski; In Mexico he is known as Jontli F'Smitri; Among the Russians they call him Jonloff Smittowski; In South Africa it will be Johannes Smit; Amongst the Spaniards his name is written Juan Smithus; In the Tuscaroras he is almost disguised as Tom Qa Smittia; In Turkey he turns to Yoe Seef; In the Welsh mountains his name is Jihon Schmidd; Portuguese for sure Joao Smide and from Europe in general Johann, Johannes or Hans can be in combination with Schmied, Schmit, Schmitt or Schmitz.

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